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Monday, 2 August 2010

Tabitha and Arthur's conversation.

This is the dialiouge I wrote. It is NOT a script, I am aware that I have broken many script rules here.

Setting: Tabitha and Arthur are looking out of a window together at the rain. They are stoned. It is mid evening and they are sat on camping fold out chairs in Arthur's shack house.

Tab: Rain's great.
Arth: Yeah.
Tab: The flowers look so bright.
Arth: It's the rain.
Tab: And the water.

(Tab passes Arth the joint)

Tab: How do flowers decide what colour they'll be?
Arth: The seeds.
Tab: No but how does a flower know what colour it should be from the seed?
Arth: What does that mean?


Tab: I don't know.
Arth: No, you were onto something there.
Tab: The flowers?
Arth: And if they choose themselves.
Tab: You're not making any sense.
Arth: I'm taking the piss out of you.
Tab: I couldn't tell.
Arth: That's cos you're dense.
Tab: Shut up piss face.
Arth: What's your favourite flower?
Tab: Don't know any flower names.
Arth: Yeah you do.
Tab: No.
Arth: Yeah.
Tab: I know my capabilities.
Arth: (hysterical laughter) capabilities.
Tab: What?
Arth: It just sounds funny.
Tab: Tulip.

(Arth's laughs tickle the whole way through the rest of the conversation)

Tab: Rose, Daffodil, crysthathiam, lily.
Arth: You can do better than that.
Tab: Douche.
Arth: What about Daisies or Dandilions? What about the weeds?
Tab: (silent laughter) weed.
Arth: Rodhrohren.
Tab: That's not how you say it.
Arth: Rodhrohdren.
Tab: Shut up you're not gonna get it, besides it's not a weed.
Arth: It's a fucking flower.
Tab: You were talking about weeds.
Arth: They all grow.
Tab: Do you think we're still growing?
Arth: No. We're dying.
Tab: Not true.
Arth: When your body reaches a particular age you start-
Tab: Shut up. Marigold. Primrose, Buttercup, Violet-
Arth: Bluebell.
Tab: Snowdrop. They're lovely.
Arth: Stop with the flowers now.
Tab: They are lovely though.


Arth: Rain sounds good on glass.
Tab: Rain sounds good on everything, it's far superior to the sun.
Arth: Sun's better.
Tab: Whatever.

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  1. like the dialogue dais, it made me smile especially when arthur cut her off about the aging thing, i'm glad you got yourself a blog we were talking to a lady at the weekend(susan, mums friend) who said writers need blogs, will phone you tomorrow