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I've graduated from Liverpool John Moores studying Imaginative writing. Been trying to figure out what's next. I was told by higher powers to make my own hole and not try to fit into anyone else's. That's what I plan to do.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Pretending to be a student.

Although my student days have been up for two months now I can still enter the student library, which is nice because I can still pretend I am a student. I know this delusion will pass when they stop letting me in but until then I'll carry one doing what I can to keep reality at bay.

I just read an amazing poem by Vicky Pinner called 'Visting Dad' it is very fluid and incredibly dark. If anyone wants to read it you'll find I follow Vicky, so just click on her site, then her headline poetry. It's at the bottom of the page, but don't be shy to read the other poems as they are great too.

This coming week I'll be painting a house. Something to do, feel a little less pointless, helping out a friend. This will be lovely but I won't know how many blogs I'll be able to put up.
Yesterday I drew up a time line for 'Fixed'. I know this may sound fantastically dull to a lot of people but I find it addictive. My numeracy skills are laughable and it stresses me out to the point of anger trying to work out sums, but I can't stop it once started.

I blame my sudoku obsession on this numeracy addition as well. Anyone else addicted to sudoku? In fact what is every one's addictions? Everyone has at least one, how ever hard they try not to they do. I know I am addicted to cigarettes, red wine, music and Celtic knot work. I know that some of my friends are addicted to sugar and cleaning, cups of tea and vinegary substances, my family are addicted to Pilate's, computers, colour and cooking.

Whatever people comment their addictions as I'll put them together in some automatic writing and see what I come up with. That sounds fun :)


  1. you know most of mine, i'm addicted to tweezing the tiny hairs on my fingers, exercise dvds, smoking, true blood, chicken fajitas

  2. I like the tweezing of tiny hairs.

  3. Why thank you, what a good blogger you are! I am addicted to brushing my dog's fur... Sounds weird but he looks so bloody lovely afterwards! vic xx

  4. At the moment I am addicted to chasing flies around the house with my new electronic fly swat! haha....

  5. I'm addicted to olives, tea and (don't judge me) the gilmore girls.