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Friday, 20 August 2010

17th August 2010

I’ve written this twice now. (I’m missing Greenwing in the other room to re write this! Baynton I hope you understand.). Stupid blogger didn’t publish it when I told it to. So to say what I said before in short.

If you are a fan of a mixture of music, then listen to ‘FJH’ on Soundcloud. He is a music cocktail master in dubstep/hiphop form. I’ve been listening to him all day and I’m happily hooked.
I’ve also got a solid form of my story ‘Fixed’.

Four nannies bring up four siblings in a manor house. It starts with the fathers death, Tabitha and Arthur my protagonist twins find themselves unaffected by this and seek out their nannies who parented them more than their own parents.

It has a tragic end and that’s all I’m saying now. If I want my story to be a good read I can’t just line everything out on the table.

I’ve written a short piece of dialogue between Hildi (the eldest daughters nanny, who was born the year the second world war finished to German parents) and Janette (the second eldest daughters nanny, who is nosey and irritable).
Their conversation takes place outside while they are hanging clothes out to dry, Janette sees a cat on the roof of the Manor.

Jan – Is that a cat?
Hildi – Where?
Jan – On the roof.
Hildi – Where?
Jan – The roof.
Hildi – Yes.
Jan – The Elliott’s don’t own a cat.
Hildi - It’s stray.
Jan – The dogs must have chased it up there.
Hildi nods
Jan – I hate cats, I’d chase it up there too.
Hildi nods
Jan – You a dog person?
Hildi – I’m not a dog.
Jan – No I mean dog person, you prefer dogs.
Hildi – I understand, I’m not a dog.
Jan – Suit yourself.

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