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Friday, 27 August 2010

Jobs = dangerous for creation

Just finished one of the most sexually graphic unhygienic, yet addictive books I've ever read. It's called 'Wetlands', by Charlotte Roche. A girl recovering from a operation with too much time to think about her sexual antics and opinions on hygiene. Although I felt dirty reading it most of the time, her character was well developed and beautifully written. It's well worth the read if you have a strong stomach.
The end is totally unexpected. A firm thumbs up from me.

Whilst helping out at NDS I haven't had much time to develop my story., jobs exhaust you so much that when you get home from working solidly for nine hours you just want to read or watch TV. This is disappointing but I am writing dialogue in my spare time, which is easy and fun and obviously helpful for furthering the idea in my mind.

My dialogue is between Hildi again as her character is the one I am focusing on at the moment. She's a fascinating character in my mind and I'm only finding more stories from her, maybe a side short story?
I have to be careful though because if I start writing side projects then I won't ever finish 'Fixed'.

Tricky, tricky.

Elaine (5) complaining to Hildi because she doesn’t want to go to boarding school in a week. Hildi is teaching Elaine how to her tie shoelaces.

Elaine – I don’t want to go.
Hildi – You have to.
Elaine – But I want to stay here.
Hildi – No buts, you have to.
Elaine – But why?
Hildi – You want to be clever don’t you?
Elaine – No.
Hildi – You do.
Elaine – No, I want to be stupid.
Hildi – You already are stupid.

Hildi tickles Elaine, Elaine giggles.

Elaine – But I’ll be away from you.
Hildi – And your parents.
Elaine – I don’t love them.
Hildi – Don’t say that Elaine Elliott, that’s bad and you don’t mean it.
Elaine – Sorry.
Hildi – Properly kinder.


Elaine – I’m sorry.
Hildi – Good. Now concentrate. Put the loop through where?
Elaine – Here.
Hildi – Good, and then?
Elaine – Then the rabbit goes into the tree and out again.
Hildi – Now double knot or it’ll just come out when you’re rolling around.
Elaine – I don’t roll.
Hildi – Yes you do like a little pudding.

Elaine giggles again, Hildi smiles.

Elaine – What happens if I don’t make any friends?
Hildi – You will.
Elaine – How do you know?
Hildi - You are the chattiest girl I’ve ever met.
Elaine – Chat, chat, chat.
Hildi – See?

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  1. i know what you mean about jobs! I seem to have also been spending most of my nights away from home, which means I've barely even caught up on your blog :-(
    Will give you a thorough read soon and some feedback on some of these cracking ideas and bits of dialogue you're posting.
    love xxxx