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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Attraction, revulsion.

Whilst I listen to Jess Green plodding down the stairs singing 'she says she needs me,' the smell of emulsion and gloss fill my nostrils. I can taste the stuff on my finger tips. When I was asked to paint a hallway and a bedroom I didn't quite realise how big the hallway was and although the bedroom took half a day, the hallway took two days. You see it is three floors of hallway.

But now with it all done and dusted (or painted) I can sit down and write a blog and phone up my sister. Two things I have been looking forward to.

I can't stop thinking about Sherlock Holmes out of the three part series that's just finished. I can't seem to sculpt a word exquisite enough for him. I find it rather unnerving being in a happy relationship, with no qualms or complaints but still finding another man (specially a made up character) so unnaturally incredible.
I know this is a highly normal thing. People all the time find themselves attracted to other people when they are contented with someone else.
Blessfully for me I am attracted to fictional characters instead of real people.

I dipped into 'The Living Planet' by living legend David Attenborough, the first few chapters are about the evolution of man kind, I never knew David was such a fan of Charles Darwin and the bits I have scanned over talk about animals mating and courting rituals.
Very few animals stick with one partner, I considered human beings to be one of those few but that's such bullocks. Some romantic souls will stick with one partner if that's what they choose, it's never easy though, there are times when they don't want to be with each other but stay together because of love.
It's more of a mental strength than a physical and natural requirement. If you boil it down animals do what they do to further their species. To survive themselves. Surely having as many partners and making as many babies is what is required of them.
But I am a romantic and know the world is overly populated, humans are breeding too much, so I'll stay with the same man and leave off the breeding for now.
Humans are perplexing. I hate humans most of the time, seeing what they have done to the world and nature, seeing how many animals and plants they have made extinct. It's survival of the fittest, but humans aren't fit, they are just cunning.
I think Tabitha and Arthur will adopt this attitude about the world. Only Tabitha's will be more extreme. I haven't been able to develop anymore of 'Fixed' as I've been painting, but I can pick that up again too.

I read in the Guardian that Steven Hawkins advises humans to live in space away from this planet. Apparently human beings will destroy themselves in the next two centuries and space may be the only place to continue life. Agreed, but lets try not to fuck the planet to begin with.


  1. hum dais!

    maybe we won't kill ourselves, there is a pool of thought that says scientific research actually points the other way and that most of this worry is from a collection of hyped up studies, watched an interesting documentary that talked about this in more depth

    i don't know what i believe anymore, sometimes i think that man made comes from the earth just like vegetable, after all man is an animal that created it, if tigers built cars how would you see the cars? just don't hate on humankind too much, there's love and creation just like mindlessness and greed

    i could write lots more in response to your post today, its my favourite so far


  2. Top post Daiz. Just remember that for all the evil in the world there is also a lot of beauty and good that is created by man. Don't let the atrocities of a few scar your view of all humanity. Fep: love your idea of tigers building cars - develop that one...