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Monday, 23 August 2010

Hildimar Wiese

The fecking spiders are out to get me today.
Not only have I heard branches twang into life behind me, but I also picked up a bucket with a wolf spider and ne'er crapped me self.
I don't think I'll be having very good dreams tonight...

Yesterday was spent entirely by myself (and the flies, but they don't count because I kept killing them) and developing Hildimar Wiese. The first nanny in 'Fixed'

Born 2nd December 1945 - Germany.
Parents were both German, they were to afraid too leave the country through-out the war, but in their own way rebelled silently towards Hitler's rules. Both keeping books that should have been burnt. Her mother pretends she is infertile as she doesn't want to raise children in the Nazi rule.

Hildi grew up in Italy - moved to England to become an Au pair, ended up at Elliott's manor as she was a good wet nurse.
Looked after Elaine (first child born in the Elliott family) for year and a half before Janette (second nanny) arrived to look after second child, Georgia.
Janette is nosey and loud, Hildi doesn't like her, she turns introverted and grumpy.
Hildi loves Elaine though, just like she would her own child. She watches her grow, plays with her, cares for her wounds and teaches her how to read, watches her walk for the first time and listens to her first word.
In every respect Hildi is Elaine's mother.

At five Elaine goes to boarding school. Hildi leaves the Manor, broken hearted. She moves to Switzerland, becomes a teaching assistant and falls in love with a teacher who later dies in a train crash.
She has a baby with the teacher and is left as a single mother.

There is more story between Elaine and Hildi, but that's all I want to say. Suffice it to say it is a happy thread in 'Fixed'.
They can't all be depressing.

I feel a bit silly saying this, but all work and idea's written on this blog are mine, if anyone else steals them, I'll cut their balls off with a china cup. Copyrighted to Daisy-Mae Perkins. 

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