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Monday, 23 August 2010

Bigging up some other blogs.

I’m beginning to see how important blogs are. How fun they are. There are thousands - possibley even millions out there - when I'm going from blog to blog trying to find work I like, I feel a little like looking through the clothes racks of TK Max. It's alright, but every so often there is one delicious item.
Blogs seem to be a good way of cleansing ones emotions, getting worries or annoyances of your chest, of publising yourself and finding imspiration in others.
As I've not been able to blog (mum's laptop was gone for the weekend) I've instead researched about others blogs and here are some I really like, that people should check out.

Fep's Artists. There's only three posts but the range of artists is cracking. Lots of colour and a good chance to see some fresh work coming from all pockets of the world.

Booker Lover. Good list of reviews on prize winning recent novels.

Neil . I know, I know, everyone who loves reading and blogs is probably already following Neil Gaiman, but if you not then click here and see what you think.

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