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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A novel emerges.

Written ten pages of diabolic back story for my now possible novella? Who knows. I thought my first serious outside university piece of writing would be a collection of short stories but it seems that the idea for 'Fixed' is turning into a mammoth concept.

Since last night I've been thinking about novels. I tucked into 'Skullduggery Pleasant', a young teenagers book about a skeleton detective. The first three chapters were enthralling and I couldn't put the beast down, until this morning when I started to get to know the main little girl protagonist and she fucked me off.
At the time I thought I could do this, I could write a young teenager short novel (had to get the short in there, at least I don't feel like I'm betraying the short story fully). Kids want to read about how someone who had a dull and ordinary life tripped and fell down a rabbit hole of excitement. I know I did and at the time I wrote a story about my desires.
At fourteen (thirteen?) I wrote a story called 'Lludd's Universe', it was about a young girl coming home to her murdered family, then some how finding out she had an attachment with a group of female goddesses who embody the different elements of the world.

Rifen - Air
Bodely - Water
Ghelp - desert
Leag - Fire
(I can't remember the earth, but my sister did very good drawings of them.)

I know what everyone maybe thinking at this point - Percy Jackson's lightning extravaganza, or HP and the mixture of magical things - but this isn't anything like that... if I can remember it properly (all the original drafts are in an attic in Hollesley).

This thinking must have led me to expand 'Fixed'. I thinking there may be a massive link to the nannies. In Elliott Manor there were four babies born. Because the mother and father were schmucks they had a different nanny for each baby, thus giving each child a different upbringing. Each child has taken small traits from each nanny and the story is going from there really.

I've done a background on Tabitha and Arthur's nanny. Elaine who is the oldest girl has a good wet nurse but she is very quiet and moody. Georgia, who is now living in Switzerland having a lesbian affair behind her husbands back had a gossipy loud nanny, who stuck her noise to where it didn't belong. Tab's nanny is Greek and warm and very kind, Arthur's nanny was a man who was pulled between being a gentleman servant or being a stand in father.

This probably sounds all very confusing but I'm really enjoying it and when the story has found a beginning I'll let everyone know.  


  1. (Apona) that was the earth goddess.

  2. I remember, you better get in the attic before its gone.