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I've graduated from Liverpool John Moores studying Imaginative writing. Been trying to figure out what's next. I was told by higher powers to make my own hole and not try to fit into anyone else's. That's what I plan to do.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Eventually after a lot of rubbish and confusion I have finally settled and am sitting at my computer writing. It's taken a while.
Postal Service beat through the speakers, I have a wee hangover and have spent an evening asphyxiating on bleach.
After leaving my wonderful life in Liverpool and moving back to the emotional trenches of beautiful Suffolk, I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't care what the next step is and should just enjoy the moment.
Went to my Grandma's and we watched a brilliant programme called 'My Life as a Turkey'.
Don't let the name fool you, it was cracking. The scientist involved says that wild turkeys are always in the moment and he learnt how to never betray that by thinking of the future.
This statement made a lot of sense.

Currantly I am looking for a job and am stressing about my marriage. Will it survive? I hope so. I'm going to Edinburgh to see him this weekend. Who knows what could happen in the small time we have with each other. I know it's the longest time we've spent together since the split.

But I shouldn't stress. I should just get on with writing. My siblings and a group of friends are putting together a magazine. Very early stages. So I don't want to say anything too soon. I know I'm working on a graphic novel idea that will go into it. I also am going to do some reviews and features on new, underground poets/writers. Today is about persuing them.

I need a team of writers to help but I'm struggling to find any willing to do so. I'll keep on trucking. Gonna make this work.