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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sick Days.

And what is the expected routine of a sick day?
Well the time inbetween your head throbbing, stomach aching (hunger and sickness), listening to your flatmates jibber their loudest and bang around on the floor above you whilst screetching stupid fucking noises, trips to the toilet to wee out all the water your hoping will make you better and being the bitterest, nastiest tempered person alive... you watch Hellboy and read Fances Osbourne.

And if these don't work you try to sleep through the racket and dream of living in the middle of nowhere, lying in a bed that didn't break 2 weeks ago so you've had to resort to the matress again, eating nice food and not just the half emptied, cold box of free takeaway noodles next to your 'not bed'.

Seriously I'm just short tempered, at least I have an understanding boss, who doesn't chastise me for not coming to work when my had has (metaphorically) fallen off.
Mark unfortunately is at work and in a job that he hates.
Sorry babe.

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