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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day off.

So named 'Days Off' are meant to be relaxing, get the menial tasks you've needed to do, done. They are meant to carry a certain amount of activity in. Maybe a walk or a trip into town, but no more than what is comfortable. Some people just spend all day in bed, watching shit, eating crap. Some people read all day, or play games. Days off are important for your mind, body and attitude. How ever much you put your fingers in your ears and sing loudly, you can't deny that a little R and R is essential to carry on.

Too many people I love dearly stick their fingers in their ears.
Growing up with parents who never stopped. Ever. Workaholics and stress heads.
A (soon to be) husband who will brutalise himself if he has a second off working.
And now a best friend who has hospitalised herself.
I realise this mind frame, I have it but I have vices that help me chill, knitting and drinking among them.

Stress is a killer and I get angry when people damage themselves.
So calm the fuck down everyone.
Things will continue with or without you damaging yourself.

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